Friday, December 09, 2011

Some pictures!

(becca, rebecca, me, amanda with maxwell, stephen)

Couldn't leave with you with out a few great pictures. This was one of our many Thanksgiving festivities, a brunch at our friends Eric and Rebecca. They are our "grown-up" friends, all with babies and careers and we feel fortunate to be included in their circle. We've learned SO much from them.

(Eaden, Hayden, and Alex)

The boys. There are a gaggle of boys around the same age and it has been so fun to see them grow up and become friends. Two year old boys are awesome.

(Maxwell and Ingrid)

Some of the group are already on round two of babies (Hayden is Ingrid's older brother). Maxwell is younger than Ingrid but already bigger. He's like his dad and a great eater! He's much happier with life now that he can crawl around and do stuff. Ingrid is just a peach, she is so mellow and snuggly.


I hate to be biased, but sometimes this little fella just steals my heart. He is so loving and so silly. He's gonna be a big brother in just a few months!

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