Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Husband and Wife

We are newlyweds. Oooey, gooey, newlyweds. You'd think after 7 years, we'd have this smitten thing over with, but oh gracious no. I think saying those lovely words in front of each other and in front of our community made us realize how amazing our love is. I can't quit calling him my husband at every possible opportunity.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in our day. It was amazing to see the strength of our family and friends pull everything together. It was an absolutely perfect moment for us. Thank you.

I'll be putting up lots of pictures from our awesome photographer and discussing my favorite details soon. And of course, our adventures in the Dominican.. and boy did we have some adventures! No bites/stings/trips to the ER though, hurray.

But I need a few days to just be newlyweds, to ride the buzz of joy and amazement.

Here's the music video of the song my sweet husband sang for me. I am a lucky lucky girl.

Monday, October 05, 2009

weekend recap

We had a great weekend being home and around Carrboro. Highlights include-

1. About 12 hours of sleep per night. After the past couple weekends, and fighting off colds, this was awesome and essential.

2. Gorgeous fall morning run in the forest with Sadie.

3. Fantastic tickets to the UNC vs. UVA football game, thanks to the Frazongs. Too bad the game was pretty sad. We ended up finishing watching the game at the Station when we realized how expensive lunch would be at the stadium. And much more comfortable!

4. Finish errands at the mall. Returning things, picking up last minute things (luggage for our trip!). Some ridiculous traffic due to all the football games and U2 concert, but good to get it done with.

5. Dinner at indian in Durham with Adam and Corriene. Trent went out with crew boys till late, but I went home and went to bed (see #1).

6. Sunday run with Trent, dropping off Sadie to play with Jersey, running to Weaver Street for awesome breakfast.

7. Stellar yard working session. Trent finished the brick path (hooooray!!), I spent a cathartic couple hours tearing out crabgrass. I am my mother's daughter.

8. Amazing chicken soup from a chicken we roasted on Friday. Trent has this recipe down! Lots of pepper, cayenne pepper, ginger, onions.. best way to cure a cold.

9. Clean house, clean sheets, long shower. Tucked in to bed, reading the New Yorker. Trent says I was asleep by 8pm. Whoops! Sorry parents, I had my phone ready to call you.

10. Drizzly morning today, we drove up to Hillsborough to get our marriage license. Dropped Trent off at work, ate more chicken soup for breakfast and now at lab doing last minute things so I can leave my flies for two weeks!!

Lots of packing to do today, and last minute emailing. Tomorrow my boss is hosting a party at his house as our farewell hurrah. Then Wednesday, early early, I fly to San Francisco. And Thursday off to Hawaii! Exciting times, I tell ya. Good thing we had such a relaxing weekend.