Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I just heard my first cicada warming up while I was out feeding my ravenous birds. And it is supposed to be 60 some degrees today. Does this mean spring is here?? Maybe if I wear some jaunty summer outfit, my dreams will come true. Or I will freeze :)

This picture is of a massive cicada from last summer... they are amazingly large and loud, but definitely are the sound of summer.

I think I may have a mating pair of cardinals!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

All day I dream about wearing this.. at the beach. Is that wrong? I think this dress is adorable. I can't wait for spring, enough of this cold. I want to wear this and my new bright pink running shorts!

It'd be even better with this necklace and this tote. Oh man I love summer!

Oh gracious... how can it be that my last post was January 30th?!? Shame on me. Where have I been these past few weeks?? Welllllll...

1. I ran my first marathon!! Hoooray. See the pictures here, results here (easiest to do an Edit Find on "Jean Davidson") and I will do an entire post on it very soon. It was an amazing and intense experience. I did a lot better than I had imagined I would, finishing in 3 hours and 52 minutes!! Lots of thanks to my excellent coach and morale booster Trent.. he was a lifesaver!

2. I, of course, signed up to be in charge of a bunch of details for the UNC Biology recruitment weekend. Which happened to be the SAME weekend as the race. So Thursday and Friday were nuts with picking up folks at the airport (which was awesome due to all the great weather in Chicago) and shuttling them around. Fortunately, our class rocks and we showed them an excellent time with no big problems. What other school will pick you up with a huge glittery sign??

3. I've learned to love the Drosophila. I didn't think it could happen, but I think it has. My current rotation is studying cancer biology in the little fruit flies and I've had several successes, which is practically unheard of! I have to admit they are a great model organism, even if they do drive me crazy by hatching ALL the time. Especially difficult when you need virgin females (hehehe) and you only have 8 hours after they hatch before they can get busy. Keeps ya on your toes! But I am really enjoying my adviser and the lab, it might be my home for a long while!

I guess those have been my three main areas of attention, but boy they have really taken it all out of me. I am finally catching up today on bills to be paid, letters to be written, and all sorts of other lose ends. I am looking forward to planning the Outer Banks vacation, catching up with old friends, and finishing this rotation with a bang!! Cuz, well, I can't do much else.. since my legs are not so happy with me after Saturday...