Thursday, June 22, 2006

Aye crickey!

Crazy day. Seriously. As crazy as this little lemur fella. But not as fun. Hopefully kickball tonight will be awesome then a bit of playing around in the lab (aka: a TON of stuff to do tomorrow) then off to Santa Cruz. Oh man, I can't wait. When did my job become all busy and stressful?? Like normal jobs. That is just NOT okay. Grad school here I come!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Last night's cupcake party was such a blast. Thanks to all the fabulous LAC'ers who showed up and showed off their mad decorating skills. And especially thanks to Em for letting us get frosting all over your house!! I forgot the cord to download pictures, but will do so as soon as I get home. It was awesome getting to share the cupcakes today with the Pathology department. Everyone already thinks I am a bit off my rocker since I wear cute pencil skirts to autopsies and such, but I think today's brightly colored, gummybear coated, confections put me over the edge. Oh well, such is the life of the fabulous scientist!
And never is the 22 bus kinder than when you have your hands full of cupcake platter. Everyone was so fabulous about letting me sit down and moving out of my way. The whole bus was rooting for me to not drop a single one. And I suceeded!

Proof!! Thanks again Steve for a FABULOUS Tahoe getaway! It was marvelous!

Welcome to the World!

Many congratulations go out to proud parents Tyler and Kelly Stine upon the arrival of surely absolutely adorable Conner Bradley Stine!! Born yesterday at 4:45pm, weighing in at 7 lbs, 7 oz. Felicidades and I can't wait to see pictures!

Friday, June 16, 2006


I've been thinking a lot about summer today. By far.. my favorite season. And yes, I am still wearing my bright orange running shorts from my morning run. Because I can. Science doesn't judge.

I love summer. I love straight up, blazing hot, wear short shorts and eat an entire watermelon because that is the only thing that sounds good. I used to ride my old beautiful cruiser home from the Davis Safeway precariously holding a icey cold watermelon wearing bright yellow corduroy shorts and Reef flips after a long day of making alfalfa plants get jiggy. And then I would eat the whole thing. Ohh, what good times.

San Francisco has a different version of summer. A "well, it is kind of warm today, but don't get to cocky or the wind will start up and it will rain (I swear it drizzled Wednesday night)." So delicious days like today make me have a mini celebration of all things summer. Such as:

- Perusing the corner fruit stand this morning, loading up on yummy goodies for Emily's party tonight. And then eating about half of it in a rabid fruit bat style on the way to work. Thank goodness melons have rinds.. they were spared. I seriously took a look at myself in the mirror.. ohhh, an hour or so after I got to work, and had SO much plant material all over my face.. it was ridiculous.

- This song. A sneak peak of the wonderfulness of the upcoming summer album. I dare you not to get up and dance. Honestly, it is a REALLY good thing no one else is in the lab today. I have been shaking my bright orange shorts like mad. (okay I give up.. No idea how to link a song... (hangs head in shame). Go look up "All Night" by Damian Marley. It'll do you good).

- Discovering eBay. Usually not a fan. At all. But you can get Marc by Marc Jacobs and Chanel Gardenia for WAY less than department stores. And most of them have the "buy it now" feature that makes this less enraging. I realize this has nothing to do with summer, technically, but hopefully this internet commerce mecca will start carrying Grass by Marc Jacobs.. the scent of summer!

- Neutrogena Sunless tanning foam. Not in "deep," though, as the link illustrates. No waiting around for color to develop and then seeing all the mistakes (I am having a major flashback of my dad calling missing a spot while painting a "holiday." Is this a normal colloquism? Is colloquism a word?) Anyways.. this is the only hope!

- Concerts in the Park! In Davis, nothing signified summer more than when they bumped Farmers Market back a few hours and various bands played in the warm summer nights. And little hippie babies danced around naked. And big hippie people too. But not naked. Stern Grove, I am hoping, will recapture some of this glory. And freaking Seu Jorge and Amiee Mann this Sunday!?! Awesome. Get a big old picnic, a nice sparkling white or pinot noir, lots of sunblock, and because it is beloved SF, lots of warm clothes!!

Summer Music

In case your summer has a little less of this than you'd hoped for.. have no fear. For I am putting together a summer music cd that will force away the June Gloom and bring a little sunshine into your day. Although, today.. pretty fabulous!!
Lemme know if you'd like a copy, I'd be happy to send them along!

Hooray Twenty Somethings!! Check out Trent's page with lotsa pics and the official race results. I am SO happy with my time.. not bad at all considering that wicked climb at mile 8! What a blast! Thansk to everyone. And check out my natty little running getup.. even my outfit was kickin'!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

clarification :

Just to clarify.. MY mucus isn't glowing. Some random CF mucus is. Holla!!

yoga madness!

So of course it had to be the one day NO one came to yoga with me, but I swear that yesterday's class was the hardest one I've ever done. Believe me. Instead of lovely Helen, we had drill sargent Katie who put us through about 500 chataranga vinyasas and cranked up the heater till we were all glistening (aka: drenched in sweat). But I did finally master my headstand, even away from the wall, and feel very invigorated (and a bit sore) today. Combined with my detoxing food schedule, overdosing on vitamin C from Emergen-C, and mucus possibly glowing.. I am feeling great today!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I've been eating really poorly lately. Like so poorly that a 10.5 mile run at altitude doesn't really justify it. I was feeling blah and my tummy was upset and it was just no good. So I was determined that as soon as I got over eating enough to refuel after the race, and all of yesterday's yummy goodness, I was going to straighten out my act. So today I've had:

Small bowl of Raisin Bran cereal with nonfat milk.
2 cups green tea
1 cup of orange spice black tea.
2 Nalgenes water
Salad with lotsa carrots and cucumbers
Lemon yogurt
2 Emergen-C's (why in the world do they have 1670% of your recommended vitamin C??)

So, doing good. And pee-ing a WHOLE lot. This is detox, right? Not too bad. Except I would give my left arm for a big, hot, cheeeeeesy pizza. That can't be good. Oh be strong!!

A break from the routine

It is amazing how our lives can become so routine. Monday morning means a very specific schedule to most people. I tend to forget that life continues on out there, while I am working away. Yesterday, I just had to play some hookie.

It all started when waiting for the 22. Along strolls kickball amigo Max, who was on his way to Mad Dog in the Fog to have a couple beers and watch the US vs. Czech Republic world cup game. I didn't realize people did that at 9am on a Monday.

At work, I blazed through my required tasks, working harder than is probably usual. Around 11, I went over to the Parnassus campus to drop off some cells and meet with some colleagues. Heading out at 12.. I realized.. I didn't really need to go back to work!!

Jill wasn't answering her phone, so I had some time to kill. Off to Dolci, my favorite mani spa on Steiner for a drop in manicure. Oh man, I love their hand massages!! And I love the super short dark maroon look, very hipster-chic.

Jill called just as I was drying, and we decided to meet in North Beach in an hour. I got some coffee and hopped on the N train, touched up my makeup at Sephora (LOVE the new mark jacobs "grass" perfume!), bought a gardenia for my hair at the street flower shop, and hopped on the 15 up to Little Italy! I met up with Jill and Julie, and we found a sweet little cafe off the main drag and promptly ordered a 2005 Fleur de California Pinot Noir, two yummy salads, a bowl of ginger carrot soup and an overflowing sandwich we all shared and enjoyed. Pleasantly buzzed and satiated, we wandered the neighborhood before coming across a gelato place. Of course we had to get some! I had three flavors, a honey vanilla, a hazelnut chocolate, and one that tasted exactly like rose petals.. yum!

We sobered up enjoying our gelato and hopped in Julies car, off to try to find decorations for her new living room in Japan Town. Beautiful umbrellas and wall hangings, in such a tidy little mall! We ended up at her place out in the outer Richmond, where we met up with her friend Adam Beck (all SLOHS alums) who played fun songs to sing to as we sat in their back garden and drank a very pear-y Geverstaimeiner (no idea how to spell that) and enjoyed the rare sun. We then decided to walk out to Ocean Beach, only 12 or so blocks away. She took us through Sutro Heights, an adorable park I'd never been to, and down a secret scamper path to a rocky seat on the cliffs right above the Cliff House. Ocean Beach was having some of the nicest waves I have ever seen (surfing this weekend??). We hung out there for a bit before heading back to her place and driving over to meet Bubs at El Belazo. Some yummy Mexican, and you can't beat the decor!

Only then did I realize it was nearly 10pm, as the restaurant appeared to be closing down. What?! Where did the entire day go? Sometimes it is nice to just go with the flow and enjoy the day, although it is a tricky adjustment and not something I could do everyday probably. But today, I've been super productive at work, reinspired to work on the glowing pig snot and tackle the math with no fear. Maybe I did need a day off?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend Happenings

Seriously.. this weekend was awesome!! Oh my goodness! Here's the run-down:

Friday, we left the city around 12 after stocking up on snacks at Safeway and washing the grime off the car at the do it yourself wash on Potrero. Made it to Davis around 1:30 to have lunch at Guadalejara (yuuuummmmy taqueria in Davis) with Eric Lobo and his girlfriend. It was great to see him, he is currently working up in Newport, Oregon, studying salmon stuff. Hung around for a bit then back in the car up to Tahoe. We arrived first at Fallen Leaf campground, so Trent took the extra time to get in a practice open water swim at Fallen Leaf Lake, while I chatted up a nice family on the beach. Then we got back to camp, met up and set up our tents, then headed off to dinner and to meet the rest of my team. Everyone was really nice, outdoorsy/sciencey folk. A few Davis alums, one Canadian, and lots of good folks. We chatted up during dinner and figured out the schedule for the race and then back to camp and off to bed.. after I chatted up the same family again at the campground (they were awesome) and found a frog to play with.

Up super early and into the cars. We met up with the folks who didn't camp at the race start and saw our first runner, Dave, off as the gun sounded. Then we all went to get breakfast and coffee. However, Dave was crazy fast on a relatively easy leg, so we didn't have his next runner there at the hand off!! So bad! But Erin was a great sport and jumped out of the car and started running right away so there was no harm done. Her leg was the shortest but had a wicked last two miles of steeeeeeeeep climbing. She was the ultimate trooper at the end, nothing could stop her! Paul ran next, a beautiful 10 miles around the lake and into Incline Village. He had to contend with some wicked road construction and off road obstacles though. Trent and us in car two were sure to not miss another handoff and had John ready and waiting at the transition. John's portion was the longest, with a fairly good climb in the middle. He was blazing along for the first 2/3rds, we could hardly keep up with him to supply water and take pics, but the altitude and heat caught up with him at the end. He got it done though and was quite the trooper. Madeline had leg 5, starting with a big climb but then cruising through Tahoe City and down to meet me at Homewood Ski Resort. After all this cheering and waiting around, I was dying to get going. Trent did an awesome job of keeping me out of the sun and well hydrated so I was ready to boogie when she showed up. We'd driven the course just beforehand, so I knew what was ahead. The first 3 miles were pretty rolling hills, but my legs felt great and I was ready to get going. The middle 4 were nice and flat and along the lake. I passed about 4 racers here and felt very strong. Having my team there every two miles with gatorade and cheers was the best! The last 3 miles were a fairly wicked long climb. I started really strong, knowing I would see my team at mile 9, and would be almost done. Luckily Trent joined me at that stage and kept me motivated to finish strong, and even pass one more dude!! I was thrilled to finish and so excited it went well, no cramps or real trouble with the altitude. I handed off to Kerry, our race capitan, who got to bring it on home to South Lake. We met up at the end and took pictures and high fives. Great job "Twenty-Somethings!!"

Trent and I dashed back to camp and gathered our gear, then headed up to Tahoe City to meet up with friend Steve at his parent's cabin. He met us in the driveway with cold beers.. what a champ. Our friend in common, Cece, was also along for the weekend, and the entire time was just wonderful. After a quick shower, we all headed out on their boat and drank Chardonnay as the sun set and moon rose. Then we jetted over to the Hyatt Hotel in Incline Village, tied the boat to the dock and had a wonderful dinner of many appetizers, while watching drunken wedding guests dance about. I was starting to fade fast, so we headed back to his cabin. The moon was SO bright, the lake was perfectly calm, we were roaring across in the boat listening to Dave Matthews.. it was sublime. After a quick stop at Safeway to get breakfast goodies, we headed home and I crashed.

Sunday, we slept in a bit and Steve's dad made wonderful lattes we enjoyed on their deck. With his dad, we headed back to the boat and cruised around, enjoying the nice weather. We stopped in a little cove on the eastern shore and lounged about reading books and eating cheezits.. Heaven! Finally we had to cool off and took turns plunging in to the freezing lake. Props to Cece for the most dramatic screams! Steve and Trent donned wetsuits to try out tri swimming in the lake, but soon opted for wakeboarding instead. Steve showed off his mad skills before we headed back to the house. We decided we needed to get home, Cece had an early morning of work, so Trent, Cece and I headed back around 3, after getting sandwiches. Fairly easy drive with lots of UCD crew gossip, and we even found a parking spot. Some grocery shopping, laundry, mac and cheese and we were spent.

Today, I am meeting up with awesome amiga Jill for lunch and some wandering through China Town. Hopefully we can all meet up for dinner tonight?? I am still glowing from this wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Crafty or Crappy?

I want to embroider a sweater like this.. I don't see why I couldn't do it. Too crazy tattoo-vibe? I don't think so. It'd be perfect for my quasi-punk hipster outfit today.. black Gap pencil skirt, bright pink polo from American Eagle, JCrew Jackie cardigan, and black and pink argyle Vans sneaks! Preppy Punk rules!!

(note: this post actually was from yesterday, but the site was down. No cute preppy punk today, just my favorite t-shirt EVER from Feria Urbana!!) (Well, and pants and stuff.. I am not that scandalous!)

Next Thursday, July 15th.. Scissors for Lefty with Faraday Effect (is this anything related to the Faraday's constant in math? I am such a nerd) at the Independent. ANYways.. be there or be square. Especially cuz my DARLING DEAREST JILLY-BIRD will be there.. who I haven't seen in ages. I am THRILLED!! Tickets go on sale Sunday.. and they are getting huge, so buy early!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Just in case you need a song to be stuck in your head for the weekend.. I am here to help you out. Don't ask how I found this.. I have no idea. Enjoy-

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Hope you all have a wonderful, crazy, weekend. But not as crazy as our friend Sooty here.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hide my credit card...

JCrew is having a spring sale!! How badly do I want to buy every single 3/4 sleeve cashmere crewknit cableneck sweater (whew, say that 10 times fast!). SO bad. And all the fun colors! Bright guava, heather mimosa! Oye vay!

Tales of Transit

One of my regular 22 friends is an sweet old man. Our normal schtick is this:

Him (standing close behind me): So are you gonna marry me today, or do I have to ask you tomorrow?
Me: I am kinda busy today, tomorrow would be better.
Him: Okay, see ya then.

Is it bad that I am I just realizing this sounds kinda creepy.. well, trust me, it isn't. You'd have to be there. I only see him like.. twice a month, so we never actually have the "tomorrow."

Except today, 'twas a bit different-

Him: Forget it.. marry me today.
Me: hahahaha (nervous laughter). Okay, um, see ya later!

I credit this change in script to my kickin new brown pencil skirt from Zara's. Paired with my awesome SperryTopsider wedges and my favorite green cashmere sweater over a green and white stripped shirt, I admit.. I was looking foxy. Yay for 22 friends! And fun new clothes!!


The long awaited picture of the cottage in Chapel Hill! Adorable, no? Oh man, I am so scared about this move. I hate to think of all the friends I am leaving behind. Please promise to keep in touch! Pleeeeeeeeease. Don't let me slip over completely to a plant loving, sweet tea drinking scientist!!