Friday, March 31, 2006

more than you wanted to know..

Wow.. okay
Long time no blog
Here is a bit of a recap.
1. Maui was fabulous. Everyone should go. Wait.. everyone was there. Hmm. Good idea. Seriously, it was awesome, snorkling with sea turtles, hiking extreme-o trails in Hana, surfing, big old fancy brunches.. just awesome.
2. I made up my mind!!! I am going to UNC!! With the NIH thingy. I have no idea what I am getting myself into.. but I am very excited about it. Time to see the rest of our country, when else will I want to live in North Carolina? Better now then never, right? I am vey nervous, but very excited to start this next adventure. You know me, never miss an opportunity for a good adventure.
3. My excellent friend Jen Duncan got engaged. In Maui, naturally. Congrats to her and her sweet fella Andrew. I hope they hurry up and get hitched before we head to the East!
5. The absolute best time to go to Safeway is 9am on Friday. Seriously. The people were SO friendly this morning, I had the run of the store, the produce was stocked, MorningStar products were on sale.. it was heavenly.
6. The postal service is not my friend any more. I swear, I try to give them tons of credit. But this whole, losing all our mail, is starting to bug just a bit.
7. Excited for my cousin's b-day party this Saturday.. even though I need to think of something to make for it! Ahhhh.. oh well.
Anyways, that's the update on my life. For all ya'll who read this. Who probably already knew most of that already. Oh well. Now it is public domain!

Monday, March 20, 2006

We had a fabulous weekend. How wonderful was the warm weather?!? We got the weekend kicked off with some St. Patty's day debauchery, doing the whole Front street scene with Shaun and Nathalee and then meeting up with Mike and his crew, and Shelly, for the North Beach experience. It is crazy how the entire city can turn into one big frat party instanteously. Too bad we started drinking so early, we were done by 10:30 just when Emily's friend Nicole was ready to get out there. Sounds like she had a good time though. Then Saturday, Trent joined me on my weekendly run to Ocean Beach where we discussed the bejeezus out of grad school plans. Got back and went to Crepevine to celebrate our decisions and the beautiful weather. Back home for a quick nap, then we snagged Em and Rob's Miata, threw the top down and enjoyed the beautiful weather on our drive to.. The JCPenny's in San Bruno. What a good boyfriend I have. Turns out we stumbled upon some massive sale, so not only did I get what I set out for, I found these cute loafer wedges as well. Throw in some bling and a new wallet, and using the fatty discount.. it was a banner trip. Who knew JC Penny was such a deal?

Back home to stash the Miata, and take a break, and we headed out to the Castro to go here for dinner. SO yum. A bit of a wait, cuz there are only a few tables, but SUCH good clam chowder and I truly enjoyed a huge pile of Black Mussels. Then we walked down to the Mission (in a bit of a roundabout way) to end up at Levende, to meet up with Angie, a friend who moved to Arizona and was back for the evening. Interesting scene at this club under the freeway, but it was great to see some folks we hadn't seen in a while. Finally walked home and crashed after the long day.

Sunday, we finally got around to cleaning our messy little home before heading out to the gym for hours and hours of working out and fun. Lots of climbing to get T ready for his big wall adventure soon, and lots of time on the bike for me and my upcoming triathlon. Came home, did some laundry, made some olive chicken noodle casserole, watched this movie, which really should have been a musical and got to bed. Icky icky weather today, plus a doctor's appointment all the way in the freaking Presidio have makd ethis a pretty lame monday.. but only a few moments (days) until we are in Hawaii.. so life can't be that bad.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I need to work in this lab!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I got into the NIH partnership with UNC!! Which is pretty freaking sweet. And makes me feel all happy and smarty-pantsy. Not ruling out Colorado yet, if they ever decide to get back to me, but this is a pretty clear indication of where I should probably go. That, and the med center for students on campus is the "James A. Taylor Medical Center." As in James Taylor the end all-be all favorite of Jean's.

Monday, March 13, 2006

a momentous decision

I've decided. Not on grad school.. oh no no no. That decision haunts my every waking (and especially keeping me from sleeping) moment. But on some other random stuff.
I really want to get into jewelry making. There. I've decided. From Haley's dad making her mom some righteous bling, to all the cute and way overpriced stuff at websites like these and Feria Urbana.. I am inspired to get into this business. I am like a freaking raccoon.. I love the sparkly stuff! I can't imagine it is that hard, and some of the rock tumbling and such looks downright scientific. And extra bonus.. I will be broke ass for the next few years. Hand made jewelry for everyone for Christmas?? Rob, I hope you like aquamarine for your bejeweled birthday earrings!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Off to Colorado!

Ciao ya'll! For the next four days I will be living it up in the Outdoorsy mecca that is Boulder, CO. Hopefully I will be super impressed with their science comings and goings and they will be impressed with my molecular fabulousness. Keep your fingers crossed.
Or if it all goes bad... "signs, they might be omens, say I am going, going, gone to Carolina in my mind" From the Chapel HIll man himself, Mr. James Taylor. It is hard to argue with that kind of logic. Seeing how I decided to go to Davis, instead of UCSD, on gut instinct and a clipping from a women's soccer game between the two schools my brother sent me. Davis 6, UCSD, 0. Unfortunately, these schools never meet up, or not that I could find. However. UNC is #1 in the Atlantic Coast Conference Standings in women's basketball.. where as Colorado is I think 5th in the Big 120 Conference. For Mens' basketball. Which UNC is #10.. nationwide. So, interesting. Is it weird to pick a school for my Ph.D. in molecular biology on sports statistics? Ah, no.

Monday, March 06, 2006

today at The General

Another day, some more craziness at The General. A dude had a seizure while getting hot water for his tea.. and thereby doused me with hot water as I caught him on his fall down. We're both fine.. luckily they don't make the water that hot (probably for reasons like this) and he snapped out of it in a few moments. Weird though.. we work at a g'damn hospital.. and hardly any one came over to my aid. I need to get out of here before the hospital steals my soul! Or kills me.. ya know, either one would suck a whole lot.

Friday, March 03, 2006

gone to the birds

How pretty is this necklace? I have always liked Moss Mills stuff. And with all the big decisions heading my way.. (Warning.. sappy alert) I feel a little bit like a bird just about to take off. Too bad this little bird is too broke to afford the necklace. Haha. OH well. I am still loving the bird necklace Emily bought me for Christmas.. birds sitting in a large silver wreath. I guess I like birds!

See, it can't be THAT bad..

After an entire week of almost mindboggling productivity.. today has found me completely uninspired and unmotivated. But I have discovered this "internet" thing is a veritable plethora of time wasting activities. And I am not even that good at it.. I bet there are some goldmines out there I am not aware of. Please feel free to pass those along. Some of my favorites are.. The Daily Show on comedy central to keep up on current events and Home Star Runner, especially the StrongBad emails. Oh man, those are funny. I also browsed iTunes for a good while today. Inspired by my trip to the "South" last week, I was interested in hearing some classic country. You know, bluegrass, appalacians.. all that stuff. After an awesome FREE download from Dolly Parton, from the movie Transamerica, I also came across this seemingly movie inspired tune, Cowboys are frequently secretly (fond of each other). SO straight to the point, SO Willie Nelson, but a song that everyone should listen to and take to heart. Hop on iTunes and check it out!
Quote "Well, a cowboy may brag about things that he's done with his women, but the one's who brag loudest the one's that are most likely queer. Cowboys a freaks when they secretly fond of each other. Say what do you think all them saddles and boots was about?"

45!! Not bad at ALL!

Congrats to "Cookie and the SlutMuffins" for an absolutely heroic showing at last nights Trivia at Mad Dog in the Fog. While we were few (only 4!!), we were masterfully strong, especially with my so random song knowledge and Mike's freakish ability to know THE most random information about nearly everything. Strong showing from Trent and Shelley as well. And how cool was calling the sushi place across the street and ordering california rolls and tuna nigiri?? There are definitely somethings I am going to miss about living in the big City. So we gotta get as much trivia in as possible before that sad day comes around!! Too bad that last round just spanked us. I take a lot of credit for that.. I should've known my periodic table!! Next week.. I will study up before hand, promise.