Thursday, September 15, 2005

Keep Your Head Up

ya, sorry the posts have been few and far between.. my world has been tossed up side down lately. I am pretty sure I have learned more in the past few days than I have in a verrrrry long time. At first it was quite overwhelming, and I had some moments when I just wanted to throw my hands up and go be a waitress at Denny's, but the fog is starting to lift (literally and figuratively.. it looks like it is going to be another gorgeous sunny weekend) and I am beginning to feel alright again. I still have a lot to learn, and lot of issues to get over in terms of the dead folks... but today, seeing those tracheal cells taking hold on the flask and regrowing with all their might.. it was pretty darn cool. That woman wanted her organs to help people.. and we are granting her wish. And my big boss man seems to think I am some child protegee.. which is weird cuz I haven't really done anything impressive yet, and he sticks up for me when the woman who has worked her for a bizillion years and knows every inch of the lab makes me feel like an idiot. So I can't complain. I wanted to improve my science-abilities, and that is exactly what I am doing. So I just need to suck it up and do the best I can. This is more of a posting for my own self inspiration.. sorry. But ya, things are good, tomorrow I am in the lab all by myself and actually have stuff to do.. they trust me to do stuff already!!!! Well, the lady doesn't, but her opinion got vetoed by some other folks.. so YAYY, i get to feed the cells all by myself!! Okay, enough of this..
As Garrison Keillor says, Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known.

Monday, September 12, 2005

happy monday to ya

Well today has been mighty fine. My big boss man is back from his fishing vacation and came in to chat once and then left me alone for the remainder of the day. I've figured out the next step in the big experiment he wants me to arrange.. but he seems in no hurry for me to do anything actually productive. The lung lady called and told me they had no good tracheas for me today, which was kind of a relief, and we had a whole lot of supplies delivered which I carefully logged and put away. But other than that.. I have just been chilling like a villan. I have been studying a lot for the GRE, my reading and vocab are awesome, but damn that math!! I swear, I am so over math!! Hopefully my bubsicle can take a little time off his extreme training regime to help a homie out.

It is weird, when not forced to, I am completely okay being a little recluse for a while. I am totally down to go hang out with the folks downstairs.. but sometimes it is nice to just not deal with people. This is strange coming from me, I am aware, as one of my greatest pleasures in life is talking to strangers.. but I guess I am just not in the mood today. I went and got a cup of tea, because of MissEm's advice regarding coffee and last Friday's tummy troubles. Earl Grey is the best thing ever. And they had this cookie that was peanut butter and dipped halfway in chocolate...a scrumptious "reese's pieces-esque" creation. I have found the nurse's cafeteria (Nightengale Cafe) is wayy better than the public cafeteria, though less interesting for the people watching aspect.

Anyways.. I am gonna put in another hour of hard hitting research, and reading The Onion.. talk to you all later!

Friday, September 09, 2005


I think I am having a case of acid reflux.. I guess I am not cut out for this high paced business world. Ya right. My boss won't let me wash the glasswear, cuz she thinks it is below me.. but honestly, I would LOVE to have something else to do rather than reading about shRNA and CFTR genes. arghhhhhhhh. Anyways, any tips on this tummy issue? I am gonna go get a cup of tea soon, that will fix everything.


so.. i just got back from the morgue. ya. riiight. there was somebody.. but thankfully they were all covered up. apparently we can just stroll in there whenever we please. and the new lab room we are moving into.. oh ya, it is completely connected. Everyone just seems very okay with the whole thing. But the sight of those cold steel tables.. ahh crickey. And the way they dispose of the parts.. i kid you not there is one fridge for "Limbs," one for "Tissues," and my personal favorite "visceral substances." I don't even want to know. And while I was in there, getting shown around.. this dude comes in and asks if we want to get thai takeout for lunch. Um NO!!
Interestingly though, she says that the amount of autopsy's performed is declining drastically. Apparently they aren't training residents in the right way to ask family members so no one is getting the consent. Also, religious objections are on a rise. Could this be another symptom of our administrations' demonization of science? Personally, I can think of nothing I would rather do with my body than use it to help other people. We are amazing machines (almost as cool as plants) and there is still so much we don't understand. Why is science becoming a dirty word in politics? They should keep their dirty paws off of things they don't understand. Sorry, that was my little soapbox speech for the day.
Off to hang with other crazies.. and some dead people bits and pieces.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I actually have a job!

Today was my first real day of work. And so far, it is about as chill as ever. My supervisor got in around 9:30 and has just been showing me around and re-introducing me to people. We put away a bunch of supplies that came while she was away, and she showed me how to use my voice mail and such. I have also mastered the oldest, janky-est, autoclave I have ever seen. Quite productive, I'd say. And for some reason, as soon as she got back, it feels like everyone is back now.. maybe last week was one big conspiracy. I just got my Med Center ID, so I look even more like a doctor to the crazies on the bus.. but at least this picture is better than the other one. Of course I forgot my wallet today (because I am my mother's daughter) so she had to buy me coffee when we went over to the hospital, but otherwise I think I have made a pretty good impression. Exciting, we get our first trachea on Tuesday (if one is available), so I will really be getting into it! Hooray for no more mind numbing boredom!! And she leaves at 4, so I get to go home early too! This job rocks!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

G'day to ya

Well, after another thrilling.. but actually fairly productive day, I am heading home. I got lots of graduate school stuff done and put together something to show Lorna tomorrow what I have been "doing" the last few days. Heheh.. No creepy stories today, that makes me happy. See you all at kickball.. it is the place to be


So I am still SO incredibly wet behind there ears at this job and this city.. and I am already planning for next year. It is blowing my mind. I just signed up for the GRE general test and the Biology test. And I had to pick universities to send the scores to. In no order of preference.. or anything
University Of North Carolina
Cornell University
Washington University (in Missouri)
University of Colorado, Boulder

I am panicking!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

well that was exciting..

After a long gruelling day of reading papers.. and browsing the internet.. I am going to call it a day. One more day of freedom before my job really starts, so I don't feel too guilty. And I have a fantabulous party to attend this evening, and I must be at my best. And there is some sort of crazy casserole waiting to be created by yours truly back at the bungalow. So really, my plate is full. Off to make some crazy friends on the bus! Ciao


#32: Jean Davidson
Who cured most of the world's diseases with nothing but aquatic plants, molecular biology, and a smile.

A little morgue humor..

I went over to the hospital cafeteria to get a cup of coffee, and because I am starting to hallucinate from boredom and loneliness up here in 211.. and I ran into the mortician who works across the hall. I asked her if she was having a good day, and she said "good and busy for me, bad for them." Okay, a little strange. Then I noticed she wasn't eating anything. Waiting for a friend, I asked? "No," she replied, "but I am sure I will have some new visitors by soon because today is tuna casserole day here." And then I promptly threw away my coffee and receeded to my little sanctuary, a little done with disturbing conversations for the day.

Happy Birthday Whoever You are

I am posting again. Not that anyone but Emily and Trent will probably read it.. but I am pretty darn bored at work already and I have a fantastic story. I will let them in on my early morning bus escapades... cuz I know it makes them HAPPY! So, the 22.. is pretty tame. Ya, a few transvestites, a couple of crazies, but nothing too much. Not like the 9 bus. That is the winner. Cuz the only people on it... are going to UCSF General Hospital. Nothing against where I slave away (hehe, ya right) but it does tend to attract the crazy ones. And I am there to chat them up on their journey. The story begins... now. I get on and sit down, trying to heed the advice of my caring friends and ignore everyone, but that lasts like 2 minutes. This women is sitting near me and asks me if I have any Tylenol. Perpetually unprepared, of course I don't. She was like, oh cuz I think I am in labor.. and I need something to take the edge off. What?!? Then of course, she notices my UCSF id.. not the part that says Pathology, just the UCSF General Employee part. "You're a doctor?" Um, no madam, I am surely not. I ask her how far along she is, and how long the contractions have been happening...wanting to assist, but not get tooooo involved. Poor thing was scared as all out. She is due in the middle of October, and had to leave work once the pain got too bad. So I am thinking.. we have like 20 minutes before baby time. Luckily we were only about 3 blocks away. I try to keep her calm and breathing and it is so weird cuz everyone on the bus can hear what is going on.. but no one is even looking in our direction. I am, of course, thinking "oh my goodness, how exciting" and quickly hurry her off the bus and escort her over to the hospital's general entrance. I flash my ID and get her wheeled away pronto. I couldn't go any further, as I am some crazy stranger from the bus, but my thoughts are with my new friend and hopefully her new happy addition. So there.. talking to people on the bus is the best thing ever.

Friday, September 02, 2005