Wednesday, November 30, 2005

oops. kinda too small to read. it says Charles "Che" Darwin at the newly redone Smithsonian Museum. I bet that would make a lot of folks happy

hahahaha.. ohh man. that is way funny. but kind of scary at the same time.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

sweet shwag..

i have to brag real quick about this sweet birthday present my dad got me. How Jean is this??!?!

I can't wait to send away for my very own tadpole that you get to grow in it and then watch my little buddy take to the waves!!

Happy Thanksgiving

My favorite holiday. All the fun of Christmas without the buying anxiety. And it doesn't hurt that I have a fabulous birthday thrown right in the mix. I can't wait to see my famiy and show them my fun city!!

I haven't blogged in a while, not that I haven't had lots of interesting things, but more because I have been a sillyhead. But Emily's blog inspired me and I think I would like to say what I am thankful for..

1. The lady at the cafe in the hospital who knows I love my english breakfast tea, and can always tell when I do need that extra macademian nut/white chocolate cookie.
2. Rosebud salve.. it can fix anything.
3. When science works for me.. and even more importantly, that I can keep going even when it doesn't until it does.
4. Trent's amazing support and cheerfulness during these last few weeks of grad school application ickiness. So many thanks for all his encouragement and taking such good care of me.
5. State and National parks. We live in such a beautiful area, and I am so thankful that we have places like Butano State Park and Pt. Reyes National Park so everyone can enjoy them.
6. Walt Finkbeiner. Seriously. He has made this year more amazing than I could ever have imagined.
7. My lovely family, who remind me of the crazy kid I still am, and believes in me and my crazy goals.
8. Emily, for never ceasing to give up on my complete lack of fashion sense and reminding me it is okay to be fabulous.
9. Good health, good friends, and a great city, and a whole lot of adventuring left to do.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving everyone and take the time to thank those people who are important to you. Go eat lots of cranberry sauce!

Friday, November 11, 2005

happy veteran's day

I have taken advantage of today's freedom from work to get a lot of errands done, such as changing the oil in my car and paying bills. I had it allllll planned out. Until one thing got in my way. The damning efficiency that our nation promotes. I had originally thought to drop my car at the shop and then run over to the lab to change the cell medium, and then head back and have it all finished and nice. oh no no no. Instead, these guys at the shop bragged and bragged about their 10 minute oil change. Which left me with a frustratingly short amount of time. The only thing to do was to head to the Mickey-D's ( I know, the horror!) next door for a cup of coffee. There I was confronted with this silly system that times how long your transaction takes, from ordering to receiving your food. The average time was 44 seconds!

Henceforth: Rant of the day...

Why in the world do we place such an outstanding emphasis on speed in our service industry?? I would rather leave my car with the dudes for an hour and have them take their time and do a good job. And if it takes five more minutes to make my breakfast burrito from scratch.. so be it!! I guess it depends on the place you go, the jiffylube-esque oil change and mc donalds are notorious for their speedy service, so I guess I get what I pay for. But in general, I am not a fan of the quicky service. What is the rush?

So then I went and washed my car at the do it yourself wash, and spent about 3 dollars in quarters, but it was worth it for a job well done. Anyways, enough of that. Time to feel these cells and get out of here. NO one is here in the Pathology department except for the morgue folks. CREEEEEPY! Happy Friday, ciao!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

dr. jean

I am realizing that yesterday's elevator incident was really not so cool. Today I have been subconsciously avoiding using that piece of crap. Or I just have nothing to do today, so getting ice from the 5th floor was not a priority. But that sounds bad, so blame the elevator for today's poor scientific showing..

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hero of the Day:

Although I am incredibly happy wth the statement that California sent politicians yesterday, I still have a little liberal ranting left in me. So here it goes.

This morning, while flipping around our 7 channels, waiting for to tell me when the next 22 would be heading my way.. I came across an interesting situation. Some no name (maybe cbs?) morning show was having a debate about intelligent design vs. evolution. Their panel included some female comedian, a hardcore evangelical preacher, and one of my favorite-est people, Bill Nye, the science guy. They were all making fairly harmless comments, until the moderator asked the bible thumper if he thought the earth was really created in a week and what about fossils then? The preacher responded with this awful, "well if you were smart enough to realize the power of God" and "evolution is just some idea thought of by Darwin because he wasn't able to understand Gods' ways." I was pretty shocked, and then it cut to Bill Nye. He has been his normal lovely self, laughing and cracking silly jokes.. but you could tell he was pretty shook up by those statements. And then, he proceeded to tear that guy a new one. He was never outright rude, but he was not going to let this guy off the hook. The moderator got kind of uncomfortable, and kept trying to switch to the comedian, but Bill just kept hammering away.

And I have to say.. amen to that. It is about time we started standing up against the religious right. Liberals have been playing mr. nice guy for too long. And because of this passivity, school kids in Kansas (and who knows where else), are going to be learning that the basic premise of science is just some wacky notion a fella with a long beard came up with. Thanks to you Bill Nye, for being the kick-ass, science rules, science guy!

Adventure of the Day:

Apparently our building has been experiencing several power outages this morning. While most functions like light and electricity work fine, the elevator does not. And who was fortunate enough to be on a harmless ride up to the ice machine when one of these outages occured? OH ya. That was scary.. as hell. Fortunately the building isn't that tall and there was an emergency button (which i gladly pushed) so I wasn't in there too long, but 5-10 minutes seems like an awful long time when trapped in some steel death contraption. Whew.. I love working at the General!

best job ever alert: walt is insisting that I take friday off. Because I am technically employeed both by UC and the hospital, I could either stay or go.. but he is the best boss ever and is gonna do all the cells for me that day. I do have to come in some other time this weekend.. but that will be post insanely hard Bio GRE's.. so that is O-K with me. does anyone else get friday off??

Monday, November 07, 2005

monday's thoughts

1. Science can be way fun. Like my super cool protocol involving pouring liquid nitrogen and crushing up stuff... but it is really lame when THERE JUST ISN'T ANY RNA IN THE SAMPLE. Today's science has pretty much proved that.. which sucks a WHOLE lot.

2. Again regarding science, today I had to make a judgement decision between my personal needs and what my job requires of me. Or, I thought I did and spent an hour agonizing over it. But then it turned out the whole thing was a big waste of an hour.. But I did decide I need to get myself out of this crazy place and into safe grad school.

3. A few minutes ago I had a ridiculous nose bleed. Odd, especially because the relative humidity outside is about 88%. Do you think I should have to follow all the protocols for handling blood, just because we have them? naw...

4. I just want to go home :) But I don't want to study. Damn you GRE's!!

5. Trent's enchiladas were amazing. And even better the second day, and very impressive to eat in the lunch room and brag about my gourmet chef boyfriend while everyone else eats their frozen entrees. Thanks bubs!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

random musings...

1. I got an email from my mom today. In it, she exclaimed "You are such a BIG GIRL!!" Exactly as shown. What could have been the cause for this assertion? Because I graduated from university, got a job, and am living with my boyfriend? Oh heavens no, it's because I got car insurance yesterday. But I kind of like the kudos anyways.

2. I have been laser capturing cells all yesterday and today. I finally finished. Hooray. Not that the idea isn't super interesting, it is just pretty mind numbingly boring to do after the first hour. I started seeing what shapes my captured cells looked like (think finding clouds that look like things). My favorites.. the State of California and a cartoon arm complete with five fingers. You'll have to trust me on this one, it was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened.

3. Doing the laser capture, I work in Walt's office. To explain the last post a little bit better, I am just very impressed with how much he does and how he is always ready to help anyone who needs it. I overheard him diagnose causes of death, look up some information for a resident, meet with about half the staff of the Pathology department because they are being audited by hospital "check-er upper's" and are all panicking.. and he never lost his cool. Well one time, this guy was being WAY lame and talking crap about someone who is working really hard down there, and he looked at me and was like, "walt, may we speak privately?" and walt pretty much told him to shove it. Atta boy!

4. I think the weather has changed at least 6 times today. And of course now that I want to go home, it is all gray and icky.

5. Trent comes home today.. and I am very excited about this. I drank too much iced tea studying last night and was up until 12 or later frantically cleaning the house, for no reason. I need to remember this caffine induced cleaning maddness. But I think T-money will be happy about it.

6. I thought I had more to say.. but I can't remember. My brain got lasered along with the cells, probably! Happy Thursday! and get out and see HIGHER GROUND by Warren Miller if you get a chance.. we're going tonight!! And then come skiing in Heavenly! Hooray. Ciao

Monday, October 31, 2005

I (heart) this guy

Dr. Walt E. Finkbeiner MD, PhD is the best boss ever. (He's the one looking at the camera) And I am a little creeped out by Google Image.

happy halloween!

The "ladies fingers" shown above were a great hit at the Pathology Department holiday luncheon. Apparently I was the only one that remembered it was halloween, we had tons of greek food and quiches. Not that I am complaining. Good stuff. And a few folks got all dressed up for the occasion. My favorite was Stella, this tiny Asian cyto-tech, who is nice as can be. She strolled in looking like the "Queen of Darkness" and casually said.. "those other clothes are just a facade," referring to her usual dress. Good times. But sadly, the mortician didn't come. I wanted to impress her with my pretzels! But I can imagine that this is a pretty trying holiday for someone so involved. Maybe I will go by and drop her off a few. Happy Halloween, I am looking forward to hitting the Castro for a little people watching, I only wish the "Enrique" to my "Anna Kornikova" costume wasn't suddenly needed across the country. What a jet setter, I swear!

Friday, October 28, 2005

what's that, sonny?

one issue with last night's show.. SO freaking loud. I don't want to sound like an old fogey, but geez it was insanely loud. And I am paying for it today, I can't hear anything and it was a bad day to wear high heels cuz the clicking sound is SUPER loud. When did I become 46? I remember going to NOFX shows at Flippo's skate rink in Morro Bay, and loving it. Hmm, I guess we can't be wild and crazy forever.

How 'bout a revolution? And he said.. ya!

We saw OAR last night (at a much better venue than this picture, the Warfield!) and they were spectacular. I love that they rock so hard, but they have such fun and nice songs.. Kinda like James Taylor rocking out. And it is great how all the guys in the band look like kids who used to be in band class with you in high school. The place was pretty packed and it is great to see they still have their "grassroots" following, and still play an awesome 8+ min. version of "That was a Crazy Game of Poker." I am so glad I got to see it with Trent, some of our best memories are at concerts.. driving all night to see Jack Johnson before he was big at Chico when we first started dating, driving all day and night and next day to Washington to go to the Sasquach Festival and camping wih some crazy folks, and our BEP adventures just last weekend. And I know there will be many more sweet shows in our future :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

What a weekend!! After crushing the GRE's with my mighty mighty mind powers, T'ster and I dedicated the rest of the weekend to just having fun. And it was certainly that. After chilling at foggy Ocean beach and napping the afternoon away, we headed out to see, believe it or not, the Black Eyed Peas, for free! Many thanks to Jacyth for giving us the heads up. But oh man, what an adventure we had getting there. We are sheltered little lower haight-ians and having to venture out of our known neighborhoods lead to some pretty crazy times. But luckily we met Ozzie, the four foot phillipino powerhouse at some bus stop out by the freeway, and he was our best friend for the rest of the night. And he is either THE coolest, luckiest guy in the entire city.. or a compulsive liar. I am kinda leaning to towards the latter, but hey, if he turns out to be legit.. we lucked out. Anyways.. the concert was awesome. The BEP's put on a great show, even though I am sure they were a bit surprised to only see about 500 folks there. And it was pretty darn chilly. But they rocked and it was just what I needed after all my boring-ness the past few weeks studying. Getting back home was a fiasco and a half, but luckily our man Ozzie kept us safe and we made it home just fine.
Sunday, we headed up north to Bolinas and Point Reyes. Unbelievably beautiful up there, and such a change of pace from the city life. I had forgotten what quiet was like. Everyone should go, there is no excuse not to. And if I come along, I can promise you all the spicy plant sex talk you could ever desire. The picture above is Arch Rock, a great stroll through some beautiful forest all the way to this cool feature at the beach. It looks just like Montana del Oro, my favorite place in SLO, and it was all sunny and warm and fantastic. Unlike today.. man is it cold today.
Thanks to Trent for all the adventures this weekend! My big boss man is back today, and it is great to see him. The cells from the dissections last week are still doing great so it makes all my hard work and trials last week seem worth it. And I will figure out this latest RNA problem.. I will, I will, I will. And know I have to work my bootie off to get ready for tomorrow's SFLAC party at my house.. SO much to do!! I can't wait though. Ciao

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


This week has been nuts. I've gone from doing 1 trachea in a month, to 3 in the last week. And today, due to my co-worker's car troubles, I was flying solo here, treating a trachea I dissected yesterday and then going and getting another one and doing the dissection. A few bumps along the way but overall I think it was successful. I am definitely getting used to this whole different side of science, slowly for sure. I have realized I have the coolest, craziest job out there. I love it, but it is super draining some days. There is a reason I was a plant biologist!

Anyways.. just my rambling thoughts, sorry. Moral of the story is.. it is good to learn new things and get outside of your comfort zone. But just make sure you have a good bubby to snuggle with and an entertaining video game (yayy Taq!!) to help you forget half of it.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Standardized Sucking

I disagree with the idea of the GRE. I have no idea how my ability (or lack there of) to solve trigonomic problems has any consequence on my scientific skills. I know that the graduate programs I will be applying to care more about my research history and such, but I am totally, completely, panicking about this upcoming test. SO, I have been doing this all day. Well, that and some stunningly beautiful RNA work. but you know, that magic happens every day :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

this is too cute

I'm sorry.. this is just the cutest thing ever. i had to share it wih you all. The mama dog lets the orphaned squirrel get in on that snuggle action. I am so jealous.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

i (heart) learning

another fantastic day at the RNA ranch... and my homie Mark taught me a new skill to add to my super scientist arsonal.. mictrome cutting paraffin sections.. huzzahhh. I am unstoppable. and riding my bike here, and knowing i get to ride my bike home instead of having to deal with the icky 22.. which was actually really good yesterday.. but nevermind that.. I am still excited about riding my bike. makes me feel like i am back in good old davis. ciao folks, i am out like trout :)

Monday, October 10, 2005


On the near brink of giving up science forever (well, maybe I am being a tad dramatic) my experiments in running RNA through agarose gels... FINALLY WORKED!!! I have 2 beautiful gels with gorgeous nice ladders... and my heart is filled with glee. OH praise. I conquered those nasty RNases and told them to get out my lab, biatches.
Today is a very good day. Except I have no bubby to share it with.. that kinda stinks. Come home Trent!! I think I am clinically addicted to snuggling.. and last night I had some major withdrawls!

Friday, October 07, 2005

this is my favorite animal. ever. and i love that my new flying squirrel stuffed animal (thanks em) has the same crazy eyes as they do!
oh crazy it worked!! i just copied and pasted his example and changed the website and name.. might be how i will have to do it from now on! thanks erick!

testing testing 123...

i want to get These cute shoes!

This was really just a test to see if Erick is the smartest person ever and can magically impart his wisdom on me.

I do this to. All the time. Except without the fancy get up. Just my good old lab coat. I am growing some tumor cells today, and they are going NUTSO!
Google Images + Free time at work = Blogging Craziness


This is totally what I do. Or would do if the stupid stuff would work. Hmm.. almost inspires me to try again today.. ahh, no, I think Monday would be better :)


ya, i see no "chain" icon to link to websites.. sorry :) but i did figure out the picture stuff.. hoooray

it's getting crazy over here!

witness the exciting world of science nerd-dom i call my life..

or for a rolicking good time, check out the joke section:

ohh, ya, you guys are all tottttally jealous :)

a little help here?

okay, someone tell me how to post links to websites or include pictures on my blog? if i am gonna do this, i want to do it right!

I'm Back!

ok ok, totally and completely guilty of blogging lapse, I admit it. Work has been getting into full swing, for better and worse, and I haven't had as much computer time. But no excuse, I know. All is well here, just the usual hopsital and bus crazies keeping me happy and a whole lot of science going on. Here is my little desk buddy's picture, for when a whole lotta science goes bad... Hoooray for random shop in the Haight for introducing me to my new best friend at work.

I need to get a haircut.. and there are an insane amount of places on Haight.. but how in the world do you pick one? I swear, picking my primary care physician wasn't this hard! I should just suck it up and call one. Hmmm.

Major prop's to my bubby for his awesome awesome race this last weekend, I am very proud of him and thrilled with his excitement to race a lot next year. I think I am ready to get back into it as well, can't let that homie take my sport away from me!!

I am autoclaving some buffers in what has to be the worlds oldest autoclave. I am seriously scared for my life. It has come unbolted from the floor and as I was heating it up this morning, it started rattling about and kinda "walking" towards me.. totally freaky.. but it reminded me of something from wallace and gromit, which I am so excited to see hopefully very soon. Also, new favorite movie.. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. We watched it last night and I keep thinking of funny scenes that put on a smile on my face.

Alrighty, so keep up your great blogging and I will try my best on my end as well. Take care!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Keep Your Head Up

ya, sorry the posts have been few and far between.. my world has been tossed up side down lately. I am pretty sure I have learned more in the past few days than I have in a verrrrry long time. At first it was quite overwhelming, and I had some moments when I just wanted to throw my hands up and go be a waitress at Denny's, but the fog is starting to lift (literally and figuratively.. it looks like it is going to be another gorgeous sunny weekend) and I am beginning to feel alright again. I still have a lot to learn, and lot of issues to get over in terms of the dead folks... but today, seeing those tracheal cells taking hold on the flask and regrowing with all their might.. it was pretty darn cool. That woman wanted her organs to help people.. and we are granting her wish. And my big boss man seems to think I am some child protegee.. which is weird cuz I haven't really done anything impressive yet, and he sticks up for me when the woman who has worked her for a bizillion years and knows every inch of the lab makes me feel like an idiot. So I can't complain. I wanted to improve my science-abilities, and that is exactly what I am doing. So I just need to suck it up and do the best I can. This is more of a posting for my own self inspiration.. sorry. But ya, things are good, tomorrow I am in the lab all by myself and actually have stuff to do.. they trust me to do stuff already!!!! Well, the lady doesn't, but her opinion got vetoed by some other folks.. so YAYY, i get to feed the cells all by myself!! Okay, enough of this..
As Garrison Keillor says, Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known.

Monday, September 12, 2005

happy monday to ya

Well today has been mighty fine. My big boss man is back from his fishing vacation and came in to chat once and then left me alone for the remainder of the day. I've figured out the next step in the big experiment he wants me to arrange.. but he seems in no hurry for me to do anything actually productive. The lung lady called and told me they had no good tracheas for me today, which was kind of a relief, and we had a whole lot of supplies delivered which I carefully logged and put away. But other than that.. I have just been chilling like a villan. I have been studying a lot for the GRE, my reading and vocab are awesome, but damn that math!! I swear, I am so over math!! Hopefully my bubsicle can take a little time off his extreme training regime to help a homie out.

It is weird, when not forced to, I am completely okay being a little recluse for a while. I am totally down to go hang out with the folks downstairs.. but sometimes it is nice to just not deal with people. This is strange coming from me, I am aware, as one of my greatest pleasures in life is talking to strangers.. but I guess I am just not in the mood today. I went and got a cup of tea, because of MissEm's advice regarding coffee and last Friday's tummy troubles. Earl Grey is the best thing ever. And they had this cookie that was peanut butter and dipped halfway in chocolate...a scrumptious "reese's pieces-esque" creation. I have found the nurse's cafeteria (Nightengale Cafe) is wayy better than the public cafeteria, though less interesting for the people watching aspect.

Anyways.. I am gonna put in another hour of hard hitting research, and reading The Onion.. talk to you all later!

Friday, September 09, 2005


I think I am having a case of acid reflux.. I guess I am not cut out for this high paced business world. Ya right. My boss won't let me wash the glasswear, cuz she thinks it is below me.. but honestly, I would LOVE to have something else to do rather than reading about shRNA and CFTR genes. arghhhhhhhh. Anyways, any tips on this tummy issue? I am gonna go get a cup of tea soon, that will fix everything.


so.. i just got back from the morgue. ya. riiight. there was somebody.. but thankfully they were all covered up. apparently we can just stroll in there whenever we please. and the new lab room we are moving into.. oh ya, it is completely connected. Everyone just seems very okay with the whole thing. But the sight of those cold steel tables.. ahh crickey. And the way they dispose of the parts.. i kid you not there is one fridge for "Limbs," one for "Tissues," and my personal favorite "visceral substances." I don't even want to know. And while I was in there, getting shown around.. this dude comes in and asks if we want to get thai takeout for lunch. Um NO!!
Interestingly though, she says that the amount of autopsy's performed is declining drastically. Apparently they aren't training residents in the right way to ask family members so no one is getting the consent. Also, religious objections are on a rise. Could this be another symptom of our administrations' demonization of science? Personally, I can think of nothing I would rather do with my body than use it to help other people. We are amazing machines (almost as cool as plants) and there is still so much we don't understand. Why is science becoming a dirty word in politics? They should keep their dirty paws off of things they don't understand. Sorry, that was my little soapbox speech for the day.
Off to hang with other crazies.. and some dead people bits and pieces.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I actually have a job!

Today was my first real day of work. And so far, it is about as chill as ever. My supervisor got in around 9:30 and has just been showing me around and re-introducing me to people. We put away a bunch of supplies that came while she was away, and she showed me how to use my voice mail and such. I have also mastered the oldest, janky-est, autoclave I have ever seen. Quite productive, I'd say. And for some reason, as soon as she got back, it feels like everyone is back now.. maybe last week was one big conspiracy. I just got my Med Center ID, so I look even more like a doctor to the crazies on the bus.. but at least this picture is better than the other one. Of course I forgot my wallet today (because I am my mother's daughter) so she had to buy me coffee when we went over to the hospital, but otherwise I think I have made a pretty good impression. Exciting, we get our first trachea on Tuesday (if one is available), so I will really be getting into it! Hooray for no more mind numbing boredom!! And she leaves at 4, so I get to go home early too! This job rocks!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

G'day to ya

Well, after another thrilling.. but actually fairly productive day, I am heading home. I got lots of graduate school stuff done and put together something to show Lorna tomorrow what I have been "doing" the last few days. Heheh.. No creepy stories today, that makes me happy. See you all at kickball.. it is the place to be


So I am still SO incredibly wet behind there ears at this job and this city.. and I am already planning for next year. It is blowing my mind. I just signed up for the GRE general test and the Biology test. And I had to pick universities to send the scores to. In no order of preference.. or anything
University Of North Carolina
Cornell University
Washington University (in Missouri)
University of Colorado, Boulder

I am panicking!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

well that was exciting..

After a long gruelling day of reading papers.. and browsing the internet.. I am going to call it a day. One more day of freedom before my job really starts, so I don't feel too guilty. And I have a fantabulous party to attend this evening, and I must be at my best. And there is some sort of crazy casserole waiting to be created by yours truly back at the bungalow. So really, my plate is full. Off to make some crazy friends on the bus! Ciao


#32: Jean Davidson
Who cured most of the world's diseases with nothing but aquatic plants, molecular biology, and a smile.

A little morgue humor..

I went over to the hospital cafeteria to get a cup of coffee, and because I am starting to hallucinate from boredom and loneliness up here in 211.. and I ran into the mortician who works across the hall. I asked her if she was having a good day, and she said "good and busy for me, bad for them." Okay, a little strange. Then I noticed she wasn't eating anything. Waiting for a friend, I asked? "No," she replied, "but I am sure I will have some new visitors by soon because today is tuna casserole day here." And then I promptly threw away my coffee and receeded to my little sanctuary, a little done with disturbing conversations for the day.

Happy Birthday Whoever You are

I am posting again. Not that anyone but Emily and Trent will probably read it.. but I am pretty darn bored at work already and I have a fantastic story. I will let them in on my early morning bus escapades... cuz I know it makes them HAPPY! So, the 22.. is pretty tame. Ya, a few transvestites, a couple of crazies, but nothing too much. Not like the 9 bus. That is the winner. Cuz the only people on it... are going to UCSF General Hospital. Nothing against where I slave away (hehe, ya right) but it does tend to attract the crazy ones. And I am there to chat them up on their journey. The story begins... now. I get on and sit down, trying to heed the advice of my caring friends and ignore everyone, but that lasts like 2 minutes. This women is sitting near me and asks me if I have any Tylenol. Perpetually unprepared, of course I don't. She was like, oh cuz I think I am in labor.. and I need something to take the edge off. What?!? Then of course, she notices my UCSF id.. not the part that says Pathology, just the UCSF General Employee part. "You're a doctor?" Um, no madam, I am surely not. I ask her how far along she is, and how long the contractions have been happening...wanting to assist, but not get tooooo involved. Poor thing was scared as all out. She is due in the middle of October, and had to leave work once the pain got too bad. So I am thinking.. we have like 20 minutes before baby time. Luckily we were only about 3 blocks away. I try to keep her calm and breathing and it is so weird cuz everyone on the bus can hear what is going on.. but no one is even looking in our direction. I am, of course, thinking "oh my goodness, how exciting" and quickly hurry her off the bus and escort her over to the hospital's general entrance. I flash my ID and get her wheeled away pronto. I couldn't go any further, as I am some crazy stranger from the bus, but my thoughts are with my new friend and hopefully her new happy addition. So there.. talking to people on the bus is the best thing ever.

Friday, September 02, 2005